M4A1-S TGC (Tencent Game Carnival) is an assault rifle variant of M4A1 Silencer.


This weapon features a dominant violet background color with orange and dark green textures on its body.

  • Exclusive in CF China, this weapon features the TGC logo on it.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam


  • This weapon has been added to the CF West's game files since July 2018 and was finally released during a Spin the Wheel for M4A1 variants renamed to M4A1-S Toon in September.
  • Like most Publisher weapons, the logo has been removed or changed when it comes to CF West.
    • However, only its HUD got the icon removed while the HUD Icon, BagIcon and killmark remain the same.
  • Before the release in CF Brazil, they removed not only the TGC logo, but also the cartoon character images on the design, making it completely purple-dominant.
    • However, this was fixed before the update and now the M4A1-S Kevin has the cartoon stuff on it.



Cross Fire China M4A1-TGC GamePlay !

Cross Fire China M4A1-TGC GamePlay !

Cross Fire Brazil M4A1-S TGC No Mark (M4A1-S-Kevin) !

Cross Fire Brazil M4A1-S TGC No Mark (M4A1-S-Kevin) !

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