M4A1-S Sakura is an assault rifle variant of M4A1-S.


It features a cherry blossom texture and a silencer. It comes with an extended 35-round magazine and improved accuracy.

Exclusive for CF West, this weapons is buffed with a faster reload, faster draw speed and full wallbang.


  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF China


  • CF Korea planned to have an alternate variant of this gun without silencer, but this idea was later scrapped. Certain Black Market previews still show the un-silenced variants of M4A1-S (Called M4A1-CB).
  • CF Indonesia named M4A1-S Blossoms as M4A1-Sakura, and named the M4A1-S Sakura as M4A1-Cherry.
  • In CF Philippines, this weapon can be obtained from Mileage Shop for 30 days or 3 days.
    • Also in CF Philippines, this gun is obtainable by completing the final Elite Badge for 15 days along with the permanent M4A1-Adv.
  • There is a second version of this gun, named M4A1-S Sakura 2, which is has a new cherry blossom texture and using new model of M4A1-S.



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