M4A1-S Rifle Knife is a specialized assault rifle variant of M4A1-Silencer.


It has the similar design Raging Bull-Gun Knife as it is capable of switching forms for both ranged and melee combat.

The Rifle Mode somehow has the hybrid design to HK417 and AK12-Iron Spider and features full wallbang like M4A1-VIP. It features a unique set of animation as the player simply gets the weapon and the silencer is automatically extended; furthermore, it shares the same reloading animation with AT-15 Afghan. It comes with 35 rounds per magazine and has fast and unique drawing/reloading animation.

The weapon can be transformed Knife Mode when the character removes the magazine and there will be blue extended plasma blade. Unlike Raging Bull-Gun Knife, it has slow slashing speed.

This weapon has the most bizarre feature that it can be CARRIED to any mode which disable any type of weapon (Melee Only, Ghost Mode,...). When entering, it will automatically transform to the Knife Mode and is put in the primary weapon slot. This means players can have two melee weapons, one in the Primary slot and the other one in the Melee slot (three if players also equipped Raging Bull-Gun Knife).


  • CF China
  • CF West


  • During beta test, this gun was supposed to be a VVIP weapon like the Raging Bull-Gun Knife, but on its release, this idea was scrapped and it became a rare weapon instead.
  • If this gun is brought into a Survival map (Challenge Mode), it'll show up in Knife form in the Primary Slot, but players will be able to press RMB to change it back to its Gun form. This means players can bring the M4A1-S Rifle Knife into Biohazard or Valkyrie Lab to use as their starting weapon instantly without haivng to rely on the weak primary guns provided in the supply boxes.



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