M4A1-S Born Beast is an assault rifle VVIP variant of the M4A1 Silencer. It is the first weapon in the "Born Beast" VVIP weapon series.


The M4A1-S Born Beast features a unique "breathing" obsidian beast design. It serves as a slightly upgraded variant of the M4A1-S Transformers, featuring more VVIP perks geared towards Zombie Mode and slightly better statistics.

The Born Beast variant reloads faster and has less recoil, but draws slower than the Transformer. Also, both variants have the same secondary attack speed and the same rate of fire. It has the same ammunition capacity with 38/114 rounds (36/108 when dropped).

VVIP Features

  • Ultra-Fast Reload Speed.
  • Increased (+2) ammo capacity for all equipped Rifles.
  • Unexpected Luck (100% XP owner, 15% XP, and 10% GP for all players).
  • Buttplate Melee.
  • Critical Hits in PvE Modes (appears in small blasts and your HP will be recovered by +2 on every critical hit).
  • 200% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • 30% EXP bonus for everyone.
  • 20% GP bonus for everyone.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


Alternate Skins



  • Like the M4A1-S Transformers, the M4A1-S Born Beast releases a dragon breath sound effect while reloading.
    • This also applied to most later-released M4A1-S VVIP variants.
  • In Zombie Mode, a player can use any other weapon and still enjoy the Critical Hit/Healing benefits of the Born Beast, as long as its equipped in one of the player's bags.
  • It should be noted that while the +2 HP heal when scoring critical hit does not stack, the chance to score critical hits (2%) will stack if players equip multiple M4A1-S Born Beast in their bags. Thus it's possible to heal at a very high rate if one equips a lot of M4A1-S Born Beast and play with an Anti-Zombie Weapon with a very high rate of fire.


  • In CF Vietnam, M4A1-S Born Beast is promoted as a representation of Red-Eyes Black Dragon in the opposite of Blue-Eyes White Dragon of the Transformers variant; both referring to the Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist manga/anime series which are quite popular in Vietnam.
  • Upon the release in CF Indonesia, this gun is glitched. No VVIP logo enabled at the owner's IGN.
  • For pre-ordering this weapon in CF West, a player would receive never before seen 30-day FOX Grenade, 10 Combat Axe-Royal Dragon crates, 10 Large Hypomeds, 10 Revive Token and a 30-day AWM-Blue Pottery, for a price of 100 000 ZP.
  • In CF Philippines, this was released with the map Devastated City in their Terminus Patch. This VVIP weapon was on sale from 2400 EC to 1680 EC.
    • There was a bug where this M4A1 VIP doesn't have any dragon breath sound effect while reloading compared to other CF versions.



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