M4A1-Guitar is a special assault rifle variant of M4A1 featured in CrossFire.


This weapons takes the shape of a pink Rock Legend guitar with a string acting as a charging handle. It has the basic +5 ammo (35 rounds mag) and slightly enhanced accuracy like all other M4A1 variants, on top of that, it features a special "strumming" animation with a guitar sound effect accompanying it when drawn and reloaded, working in place of the charging handle pull that allows the gun to function upon drawing/reloading.


Available in all CrossFire versions



  • This is the very first music-themed weapon in CrossFire and unintentionally marks the return of unsilenced M4A1s. It also marks the first M4A1 variant that has unique model, the second being Cat Rifle-M4A1.
  • This gun is obtainable upon the pre-order of Desert Eagle-El Dorado in CF Brazil for 30 days.
  • This gun is obtainable as a unique prize for purchasing the Golden Phoenix Crates in CF Español for 30 days.
  • Upon release in CF Vietnam, the M4A1-Guitar features no +5 ammo tag on its Item Icon, but this was added in the very next update.
  • In CF Philippines, this gun is obtainable as a bonus item upon purchase of Subject Alpha and its packages for 30 days.



M4A1-Guitar CROSSFIRE China 2

M4A1-Guitar CROSSFIRE China 2.0 (EXP)

Cross Fire China M4A1-Guitar !

Cross Fire China M4A1-Guitar !

CrossFire China 2

CrossFire China 2.0 M4A1-Guitar ☆

CrossFire VN - M4A1-Guitar

CrossFire VN - M4A1-Guitar

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