M4A1-Custom Devil Wing is an assault rifle variant of the M4A1-Custom.


M4A1-Custom Devil Wing features a purple-black color scheme with a glowing purple aura around its body and an animated devil eye on its red dot sight. Similar to Gold Phoenix weapons, it features a special wing effect when drawing and reloading, albeit a dark wing one.

Besides aesthetics, the Devil Wing features the same stats as the original M4A1-Custom and has a 35 round magazine (+5), except in CF Vietnam where it doesn't have any ammo boost.


Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • Just like the Steyr TMP-Death Eye, the M4A1's devil eye pupil constantly opens and closes.
  • Interestingly, like Barrett M82A1-Halloween, the HUD has the "Fine Gold 999.9" mark on the gun's body, the same as M4A1-Custom Ultimate Gold. Tencent probably reused the Ultimate Gold model to create this variant.
  • This weapon in CF Vietnam doesn't have an ammo boost, which is also the case with the Brazil variant, despite both, are available in Black Market, making it one of the worst M4A1-Custom variants here.
  • Although this M4A1-Custom variant uses the new model, it comes with another unique red dot sight texture, unlike previous variants using the new model of red dot sight texture (except the Brazil variant).
    • Interestingly, the red dot sight texture of this gun is actually reused from the AK47-Scope Devil Wing, which is why the said texture looks kinda odd on the M4A1-Custom model.
    • In later patches, it has received its own red dot sight texture, separated from the one that of AK47-Scope Devil Wing.
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon was available in a "Happy Exchange" event in December 2018, where players can obtain this weapon permanently. It is that if they spin crates and win Xmas weapons which they have already had, players can trade it to get M4A1-Custom Devil Wing.



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