This M4A1 model has been improved with a built in silencer and increased ammunition. Also, the special Autumn Camo skin helps conceal your position for greater mobility.
- Weapon description

M4A1-Custom-Autumn Camo is an assault rifle variant of M4A1-Custom in CrossFire.


M4A1-Custom Autumn Camo is a M4A1 which has been customized with a dot-sight scope, foldable buttstock, a silencer, and expanded magazine capacity. It also has been painted with an autumn camo paintjob.


  • Moderate high damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Medium rate of fire.
  • Usable red dot sight.
  • Higher accuracy when using red dot sight.
  • Quiet firing noise.


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed for too long.
  • Slow rate of fire when using red dot sight.


  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Español


  • In some versions, this weapon is known as M4A1-Custom-Octane, a name given to a dropped variant from CrossFire Europe.
    • Ironically, in the game system this weapon called as M4A1_ORIGIN, which Origin was a platform where EA Games had a co-operation with CrossFire Europe to promote the game.



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