"A small U.S. military rifle with high stability and accuracy. It becomes a standard rifle."
- Weapon description

M4A1 is one of the basic Assault Rifles, available in all CF versions.


The M4A1 carbine is a fully automatic variant of the basic M4 carbine intended for special operations use. The M4A1 was introduced in May 1991 and was in service in 1994.

This gun is fairly popular as it has decent accuracy, fairly low recoil and moderate damage but has a slower draw/reload time than AK47. Overall, M4A1 is a great gun for beginners, is good for almost any situation and is available without any rank requirements.

At close distance, it falls short to higher-power rifles such as the AK47, SCAR Heavy and Shotgun. Medium range is the strength of the M4A1 because of its decent accuracy and medium recoil. Bursting may be required at long range; single shots over long distances hit well. However, as players rank up, they may choose to abandon the M4A1 in favor of even more accurate, lower-recoil rifles such as the SCAR Light or XM8. All in all, the M4A1 is a reliable weapon with decent stats and not entirely obsoleted by higher-ranked weapons. The M4A1 has good rate of fire and is effective at close range. 


  • High accuracy.
  • High damage dealing.
  • Purchasable in Item Shop for GPs.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Controllable spray pattern.
  • High rate of fire.


  • Low damage compared to AK47.
  • Loud firing sound.
  • Accuracy gets worse when sprayed.
  • Slow drawing/reloading speed.

In all CF versions, this gun is available in Item Shop (GP item), with no rank restriction. As mentioned earlier, it's widely popular among beginners, and most of them choose this gun as their starting weapon.

Technical details

M4A1 is heavily used by the U.S military. It is slated to eventually replace the M16 rifle for most combat units in the United States Army. It uses 5.56x45mm NATO rounds, used by most assault rifles. The M4A1 is used by almost all U.S special operation units, including Navy SEALs.


Variants of M4A1 that have attached silencers.

Custom M4A1 variants with red dot sights and silencers, as well as folding stocks.

M4A1 variants featuring RIS rail handguards. Some variants are equipped with silencers.

(*): These weapons have been removed.


  • The M4A1 is available on the ground in many Elimination maps (Crossroad, Alaska, etc.), along with the AK47 and AWM.
  • In CF Philippines, you can obtain a locked M4A1 (3 Days) that can only be unlocked when your rank is Sergeant 3rd Class. You can also obtain the permanent version just by doing the Daily Beginner Guide, even if you just started playing CF.
  • Much like M4A1-S, this gun receives a new model starting with M4A1-Phoenix. However, only two variants ever adapted the new model, Phoenix and Candy Stripe, before all future M4A1s are silenced variants. This new model was later used for the CFS 2016 variant of the M4A1 instead of the old one like M4A1-Balance. It was reintroduced with the Graffiti variant (although technically it was the Volcano variant, but it was removed before the official release of Battle Royale mode) and later the Xmas 2018 variant.
  • The M4A1 has a total of 109 variants. It's considered to be "finished", as no further models have been released. It's also the weapon with most variants in the game.
  • This weapon can be seen regularly in many characters' health bar icon as the characters hold it to aim. The other is MP5.
  • In CF Vietnam, M4A1's Bag Icon is named 'M4A1-Advance'.
  • Almost all M4A1 variants the buttstock are folded, but others have extended buttstock.
    • In third-person view, the buttstock is extended.
    • Also, newer M4A1 model have a shorter barrel compared to the old model, presumably the silencer was detached.



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