A variant of the Ithaca 37, the M37 Stakeout is a short pump-action shotgun with a pistol grip stock. This classic shotgun is easy to use and perfect for any mercenary in the field.
- Weapon description

M37 Stakeout is a pump-action shotgun in CrossFire.


M37 Stakeout was the first pump-action shotgun added to Crossfire. It is fed with 12 Gauge shells, and it does high damage in close-medium range. It has medium-high accuracy and low recoil. It fires faster compared to other pump-action shotguns like the Remington 870.

It suffers with very low ammunition capacity and can't be fired between reloads.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Medium to high accuracy.
  • Low recoil.
  • Fast pumping action time.
  • Fast reloading time for a single shell.
  • Narrow shell spreading.
  • High ammo reserved. (some regions only.)
  • Narrow crosshair.


  • Damage loses on long range.
  • Cannot be fired while reloading.
  • Cannot perform reload-cancel.
  • Low magazine capacity.
  • Requires some time to do a full reload.


Available in all CrossFire versions



  • M37 Stakeout is a short and compact version of the original M37, with the barrel length 330 mm (13 inches) and a pistol grip stock.
  • M37 is the shotgun with the longest production time in the history.
  • The slug variant of this gun, mainly in Ares and Ghetto skin, is the direct competitor to the slug variant of SPAS-12 with the same skins.
    • However, despite M37 takes longer to switch ammo from 12-Gauge to Slug shells than the SPAS-12, the crosshair shrinks quicker upon entering its Slug mode, making M37 Slug more accurate than SPAS-12 Slug.



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