M240B-Tesla Gold is a machine gun variant of M240B-Tesla.


The M240B-Tesla is now fully gold-plated on all the designs. It retains the 150 rounds magazine found on the stock model with slightly enhanced accuracy in PvP mode.

In Zombie Mode, this gun receives significant upgrades, as the recoil has been reduced massively, allowing players to spray and hit zombies from distance much easier. It also received a new reload animation, which the character skips the bolt-cycling animation as well. The Tesla Shot now explodes 5 times upon launched, making it very effective against a large number of zombies or Bosses.


  • CF China
  • CF West


  • The system name of this weapon is named as M240B-Tesla Gild. This seems to be a minor translation error as "Gild" itself means "cover thinly with gold", basically the verb version of "Gold".
  • In Zombie Mode, the reload animation is very poorly done as it immediately cut out the bolt-cycling animation after the character insert the ammo belt. 



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