M16-Silencer Camo is an assault rifle variant of the basic M16.


This weapon shares the same desert camouflage pattern with the M16-Scope Camo, but features a silencer instead of the red dot sight. Other than the desert camo, low power optic, and a 35/105 (35/70 in some versions) ammo count, it is similar to the starting M16.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West
  • CF Philippines


  • This gun shares firing sound with M4A1-S in most servers, but in CF Indonesia it shares firing sound with the M16A4 instead.
  • Even though both M16-Scope Camo and M16-Silencer Camo shares same camo pattern on their renders and BagIcons, they're actually different in the game.



CrossFire - M16-Adv - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - M16-Adv - Weapon Gameplay

M16 Silencer Camo Gameplay

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