M14 EBR-Scope Elite is a battle rifle variant of the M14EBR with a mounted optic.


It features the Chinese like red and yellow carvings on the design. Unlike the M14 EBR-Scope Camo, this M14 EBR variant comes with a frontal grip and features the red dot sight instead of holographic sight. It comes with 35 rounds per magazine and its stats are not much different.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Vietnam



  • Crossfire Vietnam keeps the ammo capacity of M14 EBR-Scope Elite same as the one in CF China, plus having 1 extra magazine (37/111), making this weapon to have the largest ammo capacity of all M14 EBR variants. However, the weapon description claims that M14 EBR-Scope Elite only has 37/74 ammo .