M14 EBR-Prime is a battle rifle variant of the M14 EBR in CrossFire.


This skin features a futuristic look, using light and dark grey colour schemes along with blue lights. Like other M14 EBR variants, it has 35 rounds mag (+5 rounds) with 105 in reverse.


  • Moderately powerful, good accuracy
  • Decent recoil, fast draw / reload speed
  • Obtainable through GP crates


  • Unpredictable spraying pattern


M14 EBR-Prime is a skin designed by community member: NIGHTWOLF_UA from CrossFire North America, as part of the Show Your Skin contest.


  • CF West
  • No other versions yet.


  • It is the fourth user-made skin in the the game, following the recent D.E. Canadian and AWM-A Invictus.
  • This is the third and final of three weapons from the Show Your Skin contest to be added onto the game.
  • Due to its value as a community-made item, the price per crate for this gun is significantly more expensive than other GP crates in CF North America (5000 vs. 2000).
  • The weapon has a modified 3D model to better match the initial skin design which is presumably the reason why it took more to be released than the previous 2 guns.
  • Unusually, the global model of this gun features no shoulder pad on its buttstock, though the BagIcon and HUD Icon still presents it. This issue also happens with M14 EBR-Fatal Wasp.


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