Lost Relics Map Icon.

Lost Relics is a Ghost Mode map sets within some brazilian ruins. This map is available in every versions of CrossFire, being a classic along Laboratory.
  • Lost Relics (WE, CN, JP, PH, IN).
  • Relic (Brazil).
  • Ancient Relic (Russia).
  • Ancient Ruins (Taiwan).
  • Ancient Tomb (Vietnam).


A well-known Archaeology Research Center has discovered a new ancient civilization to an underground jungle and has set out to study it. During the research, they discovered mysterious conspiracies regarding history, religion, the military,science and ancient chemicals which can be used for further studies. The team has agreed that the information they have uncovered would most certainly disrupt all of modern civilization.

A conservative social group in the defence of law and order has ordered the study be withdrawn due to the sensitive nature of the information that has been uncovered and the ramifications if such information was to be revealed to the public. However, the research team refuses to yield to the threat and continues their study.

Due to mounting pressures and threats, the team has hired the Global Risk team to provide them protection. In response, the conservative social group has hired the Black List Corporation to destroy the team’s discoveries. 


This map is quite balanced for both GR and BL. The BL side has to be careful to exit the spawn as quickly as possible as GR tends to camp at the spawn opening to snipe or injure the ghosts. The GR can go one of two ways, either exit out the opening to the left of the spawn or continue straight into a hall. Most commonely people go left, however 2-3 GR end up going through the small corodor. Both paths lead to B.


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