New Lost City is a Master Hero Mode X map sets within the depth of an unearthed lost city near the Tigris River. This is an expanded version of the original Lost City map, which alters some of the layout and adds new spots for the soldiers.


  • CF China: New Biochemical Pyramid.
  • No other versions yet.


This is the same map, for the most part, since the textures are exactly the same (possibly to avoid backlash, given the map's popularity), unlike Dawn Village, which received a complete overhaul graphically. But, the layout itself have some minor tweaks, including: three new spots, ziggurat's roof replaced, slight modification to the archway area and then two new sectors that serves as extra respawn points for the mutants, given the larger amount of players.

New Spots

LostCity Arch2
The archway now only has one access, as one of the pillar was removed. Soldiers can now focus on defending the remaining pillar, but should be very careful of the Evil Terminator's fireball attack, since the archway is still very much exposed after all.

LostCity Platform2
The platforms and surrounding props are now slightly further away from the archway but everything is still positioned similarly as before, minus that one pillar. The general strategy still holds, albeit with probably more firepower considering the likelihood of there being many Xenos roaming around.

LostCity Ziggurat2
This new setup atop the ziggurat now features a somewhat more complex route to the very top. It is definitely a safer spot than its predecessor, but there are still many angles to keep track of. It should be noted that the moment this spot is unoccupied, the scaffold next to it becomes compromised.

LostCity Ledge
A stack of boxes newly added onto a long walkway beside the ziggurat allows soldiers to boost onto a very thin ledge. Given the height however, one will definitely be left behind. For those that remains, they can defend the boxes, while also making sure they don't get hit by any fireballs.

LostCity Scaffold1
This new scaffold in the main area can support a decent amount of soldiers, which would defend the main access point. However, not only is this spot highly exposed to fireballs, if the top of the ziggurat is also not secured, mutants may use that to jump onto the scaffold, making it harder to defend it.

LostCity Scaffold2
The side room now also contains a scaffold right in the middle attached from the ceiling. It can be accessed via one of the alcove, which would be the main point of focus for soldiers, while checking the metal walkway too, as mutants could access the scaffold from there.


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