Laser Blaster is a special weapon available only in Devastated City and Boss Arena. It is provided to players randomly during special weapon drops at Round 4, 7, 11, 22, 25, 28 and 30. It is also available in Shipyard, Fatal Canyon, Crater 2 as supply drops (Also available in buy menu for the lastest map).


This weapon is the portable variant of the Laser gun Destroyer used in Dinner Theater, allowing players to wield it like a normal Gatling Gun. Among all weapons, Laser Blaster is the most powerful, capable of destroying BoomerWheel in only one second. This gun has 100 rounds and once picked up, players can use it for 29 seconds (However, they will run out of ammo before the timer ends unless they pick up more ammo from zombies).

At the start of Round 31 (Hard difficulty), players could also stand a chance to receive Laser Blaster, replacing FAL Camo from Crater. This variant has 100 rounds and last for 60 seconds.

A special variant is also provided during the battle against Blaze and randomly dropped in Boss Arena waves. It comes with icy rounds which can slow down the bosses, allowing players to kill him easier. Unlike the normal counterpart, this variant only lasts for 15 seconds.


  • This is the only weapon that cannot score Headshot no matter how perfectly you aim at zombies' head, due to its special ammo.
    • However, after the Crater 2 map updated in CFVN, this weapon has a bug that make it score golden headshot no matter which part of the zombies the player shooting at, applied to all variant of this weapon.
  • Once again, it's unknown why it has killmark icons for both normal and iced variant.
    • This gun can actually be used in normal modes by using some sort of command codes (which only GMs know them) and it can kill other players. These codes were once leaked in CF NA (now CF West) and some players were able to spawning and using them. It was fixed later.
  • The Laser Blaster and the Iced one in Defense Mode and Trial Challenge Mode have slightly faster firing rate then ones in Challenge Mode.
  • In Devastated City map, there is a glitch that if you have Laser Blaster in Round 31, and you have been grabbed by Blaze, the punch animation will be replaced by this gun's HUD with 999 ammo. If you have Ammo Belt, you can reloading this gun normally. But this gun can't damage the boss.
  • The reloading animation of this weapon is shared with Gatling Gun.


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