Kukri-Royal Dragon is a melee variant of Kukri.


It features a shining brown color on its body. It can only be obtained by opening the Luxury Royal Dragon crates.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Korea


  • In CF Indonesia, the Kukri Royal Dragon and DE-Royal crate's price became glitched (turns into 99999999999). Due to that, Lytogames has deleted this crate permanently instead of repairing the price.
  • Kukri Royal Dragon stands out for being fully skinned, having a rather neat icon as well as HUD icon and kill feed which correctly resemble the shape of a Kukri - traces shared only by the Kukri Beast. Coincidentally, both Kukri's are dragon-themed and quite rare, as Kukri Royal Dragon is in the seasonal Royal Dragon crate while Kukri Beast is a VIP item.
  • As a matter of fact, many players who failed to win Kukri Royal Dragon can consider the Kukri Beast a fairly decent substitute.


CrossFire Vietnam - Kukri-Royal Dragon ☆

CrossFire Vietnam - Kukri-Royal Dragon ☆

Crossfire VietNam Kukri - Royal Dragon ☆

Crossfire VietNam Kukri - Royal Dragon ☆

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