Kukri-Beast is a VVIP variant of Kukri, also the first VVIP melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


This melee has a shiny bronze livery and an impressive dragon design. As a VVIP weapon, the Kukri-Beast's special animation feature is a red trail it leaves behind when being swung.

Compared to regular Kukri variants, the Beast variant has a faster primary (LMB) attack, as well as faster draw speed and it also has lighter weight.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.

VVIP Features

  • Fast Draw, Fast Slash.
  • Quick Hand
    Fast switch to other weapons (does not stack).
  • Faster Movement Speed.
  • Knockback effects when hitting opponents.
  • 120% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • 30% EXP bonus for everyone.
  • 20% GP bonus for everyone.


Alternate Skin


  • Unlike in CF China, Kukri Beast is far more expensive in CF Vietnam, beating the RPK-Infernal Dragon, Thompson-Infernal Dragon and AWM-Infernal Dragon at the price of 1750 vcoin, only behind AK47-Beast and M4A1-VIP. This makes Kukri Beast the biggest ripped off because this weapon offers very little perks comparing to other VVIP weapons; however, because players can equip up to 7 Kukri-Beast alongside other VVIP guns, it is considered a trade-off, though it's still not very fair for that price - especially now that there are 3 more melee VVIP pieces released with better perks (although they're all have the same price as Kukri-Beast).
  • One of the effects stated in CF West and CF Philippines in this weapon is "Goodbye, Brother". The meaning of that effect is perhaps unknown to everyone, it means a special RMB attack with unique knockback effects when hitting/killing the opponents.
  • For pre-ordering the Kukri Beast in CF West, players will receive a 30-Day Barrett M82A1-Royal Dragon. The cost of pre-ordering was 85,000 ZP and 70,000 if the player had purchased the M4A1-S Obsidian Beast between July 10th and November 12th. Additionally due to problems that cause the Kukri Patch to be delayed, all players who pre-ordered the Kukri-Beast would also receive a 30-Day FOX Howl Grenade.
    • Just like CF Vietnam, this weapon's price is far more expensive then RPK-Infernal Dragon, Thompson-Infernal Dragon, and costs the same as an AWM-Infernal Dragon. A theory is properly due to the fact that it was a high demand (at that time, it was the only VVIP melee released), and increasing its price would give Z8 Games more money, as many people wanted it.
    • Also in CF West, upon the pre-ordering period, there was a VVIP package that allowed players to buy both the Kukri-Beast and M4A1-S Obsidian Beast for the cost of 182,500 ZP.
  • In CF Philippines, there's a promo that allows you to get JNS for 7 days if you bought Kukri-Beast during the sale period (July 10, 2014 to July 16, 2014). They said character will be inserted on July 17th, 2014 for those who bought Kukri-Beast during the said period.



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