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Knockback Mode is a game mode where soldiers score points by dealing damages to enemies to pushing them off the map. It plays somewhat similarly to Axe Throwing TDM albeit with a Knockback Hammer.


  • CF China: Push Mode.
  • CF Philippines: Knockback Mode.
  • CF Vietnam: Knockback Mode.
  • CF Korea: Knockback Mode.
  • CF Brazil: Hammer Mode
  • CF West: Knock Out Mode.
  • CF Español: Hammer Mode.
  • CF Russia: Knock Out Mode.


At the beginning of the game, every player is granted a Stone Knockback Hammer (Lv. 1). It behaves similarly to the Rusty Axe - left click to throw and right click to swing the hammer. The hammer deal very low damage (5 HP) and the throw's range is very small, but compensate with its strong knockback effect.

The main goal is to acquire a specific amount of point (ranging from 5000 to 25000). Soldiers gains 20 points for every normal hits, but get 200 points for every enemies they knock off the map. Additionally, as their kill count increases (1st, 10th and 50th kills) their hammer upgrades, becoming stronger and fancier with some blue glow.


Knockback Tower



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