Knockback Hammer is a melee weapon in CrossFire, available only in Knockback Mode.


Similar to BC-Axe Beast and BC-Axe Rusty in Axe Throwing TDM, it is the hammer which players use to defeat each other by both ranged and melee combat. Players can either use primary attack to defeat the enemies with very small damage dealing (only 5 HP for every successful hit) or use secondary attack to throw the hammer and push back the enemies.


This weapon is available along with the Knockback Mode content

Upgrade and Phase

In Knockback Mode, players are given the Knockback Hammer starting from Level 1. The hammer can be upgraded to higher levels, which requires players to get successful defeat toward the enemies. The higher the level is, the faster its slashing speed gets and the further throwing distance gets.

  • Level 1 to Level 2: 1 score.
  • Level 2 to Level 3: 5 scores.
  • Level 3 to Level 4: 50 scores.




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