Knight is the ultimate fighting force of the Human Soldiers in Mutation Knight Mode. Any soldier who survives to reach maximum level limit will transform into Knight armed with Ghost Blade for slaying mutants.


Knights start with 1400 HP, and like the Commandos in Hero Mode X, they cannot be infected, only killed. They are the direct rivals of Armored Mutants.

Unlike Commandos, which can only number up to 3 individuals, all soldiers who live can turn into Knights, making this very dangerous for mutants. Soldiers automatically turn into Knights, without needing to press E.

Knights still have heartbeat sensors, and can also keep using Mounted FAL Camo Turrets and Ziplines.


Knights have two fighting stances; Normal and Battle. Pressing F will enable Battle stance, and F again to return to Normal. They can also instantly kill any heavily wounded mutants with a special Killing Blow.

Mark Stance Description
Stance2 Normal Left click (LMB) executes two-handed slashes that deal moderately high damage. Right click performs a powerful slash that deals very high damage.
Stance1 Battle The Knight will assume a defensive stance, and move slower in this state. Left click will do a powerful stabbing attack. Holding down right click (RMB) makes the Knight block with his sword. Any attacks from the front will be completely blocked as long as RMB is held down.
Target Killing Blow Flashing red mutants can be instantly slain when struck with a LMB attack. The screen will flash white & red and a special sword sound is heard. The Knight will perform a battojutsu slash just like with the Katana, and then surge forward while the mutant falls down dead. Knights are invulnerable while they perform this attack.


  • When the Soldier Announcer says "Ghost Blade is transfered", that is the audio cue for all surviving soldiers to transform to Knights.
  • It's rumored that the automatic Knight transformation for soldiers was meant to prevent them for farming points by shooting mutants, since in Hero Mode X soldiers had the choice to turn into the Commando / Ranger or not and still was able to shoot more points.
  • It's actually possible for the Knight to keep their weapons by dropping and picking it up at the exact moment when the bar fill up. The window is extremely narrow, but not impossible to perform.



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