Kingdom Road (BR)

Kingdom Road is the third Parkour Mode map, which is set in a vast desert landscape.


  • CF China: Kingdom Road.
  • CF West: Giza.
  • CF Brazil: Pharaoh's Way.
  • CF Español: King's Jump.
  • CF Vietnam: Golden Road
  • CF Russia: Tomb.


The map is based on a golden desert style, presumbably in Egypt, with many Egyptian symbols elements such as infrared mesh and ejection technology with modern technology, creating new levels of design and game content. Comprehensively test the player's jumping, moving and other operating skills.


  • This map was mistakenly added to CF Brazil in the 1st August 2019 update, when it was supposed to be added in some other update; then it was later removed after a quick patch, together with Sub Base 2.0.

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