King's Valley is the second Mutant Escape map; this one being at an Egyptian site high up in the sky. It is a very large map that is divided into five sections ranging from a canyon area, a mine shaft tunnel, pyramid interior, etc.


  • CF China: Floating Ruins.
  • CF Brazil: Lost City.
  • CF West: Lost City.
  • CF Vietnam King's Valley.


KingsValley 1B
Floating Island
The starting area that leads up to a small fortress, connects to the high tower to the left with a thin bridge. There's a shortcut staircases for mutants to reach the high tower to the left (Double jump required).

KingsValley 2A
The Tunnels
A short valley leading to a thin tunnels with step stairs and a small concrete block that slows the mutants down somewhat. Upon retreating inside, soldiers must jump two gap to activate a new door that lead to the portal, at this point a speed boost is activated at the tunner's entrance, allowing mutants to quick-boost to the Portal Room.

KingsValley Flags
The Palace
Description pending.

KingsValley 4A
Mine Shaft
Description pending.

KingsValley 5B
The Pyramid
Description pending.


  • There's a very large Glacial Beast sculpture carved into the rocky mountain that is facing the pyramid.
  • Some parts of Lost City are featured yet again (following Desert Raid), which are located inside the pyramid. Those includes: the archway spot, the ziggurat and the ceiling exit; serving as an actual escape route this time.


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