King's Valley is the second Mutant Escape map; this one being at an Egyptian site high up in the sky. It is a very large map that is divided into five sections ranging from a canyon area, a mine shaft tunnel, pyramid interior, etc.


  • CF China: Floating Ruins.
  • CF Brazil: Lost City.
  • CF West: Lost City.


KingsValley 1B
Floating Island
Description pending.

KingsValley 2A
The Tunnels
Description pending.

KingsValley Flags
The Palace
Description pending.

KingsValley 4A
Mine Shaft
Description pending.

KingsValley 5B
The Pyramid
Description pending.


  • There's a very large Glacial Beast sculpture carved into the rocky mountain that is facing the pyramid.
  • Some parts of Lost City are featured yet again (following Desert Raid), which are located inside the pyramid. Those includes: the archway spot, the ziggurat and the ceiling exit; serving as an actual escape route this time.


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