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Killmark is a HUD element that displays when players complete or does a certain action, the most common is scoring a kill or doing an objective. Killmarks can be customized by equipping various custom killmarks obtained from the Item Shop or Trade System.

DISCLAMER: This article only features LEGAL killmarks that are set by default or sold in the game.


Killmark is displayed at the bottom center of the screen when players score kill and build up a Kill Streak. Special skills, such as Grenade and Knife Kills will display a separate special Killmark assigned to such action. Killmarks last for one second and then slowly fade away. There is also an invisible timer for how long your Kill Streak has until it resets which can be boosted, allowing more time to continue your Kill Streak.

Kill Streaks

Kill Streaks are an invisible timer for how long you have until you need to score another kill for the Killmark to add another 'leg' to your Killmarks' star. The Killmark star has 6 'legs' and fills the top center 'leg', and continues clockwise until it is filled. Even when a player achieves a 7 Kill Streak or higher, it still only shows the 6-legged star. This timer can be extended by using certain items. This includes rings from the Accessory System, upgrading certain VVIP Weapons using the Weapon Growth option, and using Sicarios special perk.

A special variant of the Kill Streaks is available in Zombie Mode (Defense and Trial Challenge) that keeps track of player's combo against zombies, but unlike the PvP Killstreak, it's displayed at the center top of the screen and slowly fade away, until it's ended and return a grade result. Just like with PvP kill streak, the timer can be boosted via rings and VVIP Weapons.

Custom Killmarks

Before the 2.0 update, Killmarks are stored in the rez/UI/Badge folder, where players are free to modify them to their taste. With the introduction of the 2.0 update and Ranked Match, Custom Killmarks are made available to be changed into, replacing the default Killmark. Initially, only Ranked Match Reward killmarks were available, but later on many new custom Killmark sets were introduced, either available in the Item Shop or via Trade System.

Using VVIP weapons will result in the Headshot killmark (Silver/Gold Skull) to be replaced with a more detailed and better-looking badge.

VVIP set, starting with Guan Yu, offers custom killmarks that require players to equip a full weapon set. These will override the custom killmark in the Item tab.

Version Differences

  • CF Vietnam features special Headshot killmarks that show a red/yellow apple being pierced with an arrow rather than the default grey/gold Skull with a bullet hole killmark. This change was made following the 2010 incident to reduce violence elements in-game. All custom killmarks and VVIP killmarks retain the Headshot Icon, however.
  • CF West features a different Killmark Upgrade effect, which features a more bold and clear wings on the killmarks.


  • The Killmark icon was a 5-legged star that eventually filled each 'leg' clockwise but when you achieved a 6 Kill Streak, it would suddenly turn into a 6-legged star. This was later changed to show only a 6-legged star being filled up during a Kill Streak when Custom Killmarks were released in the Trade System.
  • Kill Streaks has multiple names is can has been referred to as. It has been referred to as continual kills judging time, extended combo time, kill multiplier, kill streak window, consecutive kills, and continuous kills.
  • In CF West, some players were punished for using custom Killmarks before the folder was moved into the REZ files
    • CF China and CF Vietnam players are still able to have custom Killmarks but they need a bypass and have to be careful how they modify the files to not get detected.
  • The max Kill Streak timer can be 279 seconds between each kill by having 2 Rings each with three-5 Star Extended Combo Time adding 6 seconds, and buying 7 of every VVIP Weapon (39) and upgrading all to max level to get +1 second.
    • This is nowhere possible because you need to equip all the upgraded VVIP Weapons and have the bag space for it.

Killmark List

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