Keris is a melee weapon in CrossFire.


Keris is a symbol of tradition and the warrior, that can be used as a melee weapon. Keris has a "wavy" section on its blade that similar to the snake, and on its grip it is carved the war history symbols. This weapon originated in Indonesia but has some relation to the Southern Philippines, Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Brunei as well.

Static wise, Keris is one of the most dangerous melee in CrossFire - the primary attack is quite fast and easy to head-slash opponents, while secondary attack executes a frontal stab that, due to its nature and the length of the Keris, give it the longest range against other melee weapons. To balance this, the Keris can't penentrate armors, so players will have to resort to secondary attack for a guaranteed 1-hit kill.


  • Very high damage on stabbing.
  • Long attack range.
  • Fast slashing rate.


  • Low damage on slashing.
  • Requires two slashes in the armored head.
  • No horizontal stabbing mark.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions




  • In CF Vietnam, the Keris is one of the few melee weapons to feature damage bar, although the weapon cannot be damaged nor repaired in any way. This is presumably just a coding error. After 3 years, this melee has deleted the damage bar.
  • Also in CF Vietnam, some players considered this weapon as a "banned weapon" due to the primary attack (LMB) is quite fast and easy to head-slash opponents and will vote kick the player out.
  • The original name of this weapon is "Keris", rather than "Kris". This is probably due to a pronunciation problem, as people are more familiar calling it "Keris" (note that CF Indonesia uses the actual name of this weapon).  
  • In CF Indonesia, the original Keris has a faster right click attack than other version of CF (except the other variants). This makes Keris sold only at a certain moment.
    • But later on, this weapon can be easily obtained from the Challenge Mode's boxes or safes.
    • This also applies to Keris-Blue Pottery in CrossFire Indonesia.
  • Keris is one of the few ZM exclusive items that features permanent Black Market variants, the other being Boxing Gloves and Dual Desert Eagle.

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