Katana Gold is a melee variant of the Katana featured in CrossFire.


The Katana Gold features a golden blade and possesses similar stats with the original Katana, such as the very long melee range.

However the Gold version has a lighter weight than the normal counterpart, plus characters can run around faster while holding the secondary attack. This gives it a huge advantage over the normal Katana, as the user can now move around at a quicker pace with the sword sheathed and ready to strike, unlike the original version which significantly slows the user down when the blade is sheathed.

In all CF versions, the Katana Gold can be obtained for 7 (15d in CF PH) days by mastering Assassin badge, Z8 CF has this weapon as event item, both permanent and temporary, while CF Vietnam offers the Katana Gold as event items as well as deleted crates, but it's very hard to win it.


  • CF Brazil
  • CF Japan
  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Korea
  • CF Indonesia


  • This weapon was first introduced on Event of PH in December 2012 along with AK-47 Gold for 30 Days.
  • Recent updates in CF Vietnam finally added the Katana Gold back to Black Market, and it still features the same prizes similar to the Barrett M82A1.
  • Also in CF Vietnam, another glitch prevents players from winning all of the temp Katana-G except 30 days one, which means players can only win either permanent Katana-G or 30d. This has been fixed in recent patches.
  • This weapon, together with Winchester Gold, Dual Colt Gold & Halloween Grenade, are PERMANENT PRIZE for online 22 days and 888 minutes in CFVN (from 1/4 to 26/4/2015).
  • In CF NA, a permanent version of the Gold Katana was given to all members of the clan that won the March of the Ghosts tournament in March 2013. Currently there is no way to obtain a permanent version unless previously stated.
  • In CF Philippines, this weapon is also obtainable via cash-spending events but only for 7 days when obtained.


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