The strongest shotgun in the world, the KS-23 has been made with an adapted barrel that was originally used as a 23mm anti-aircraft gun. Therefore, it uses special 4 gauge shells and has longer attack range than existing shotguns.
- Weapon description

KS-23 is a powerful shotgun in CrossFire.


KS-23 is a pump-action shotgun, but use a rifled barrel, meaning it's also officially designated as a carbine.

This weapon has a good firing rate, but it carries the third least shells in its tubular magazine (Above 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon and Serbu Super-Shorty), with only 4 shots (20 in reverse), even though it can reload quite fast and reload-cancel is also possible.

This gun is best used in small maps for closed quarter combat. However, KS-23 is very strong, capable of 1 body shot kills at short to medium distance regardless of armor, though hits to the legs or arms may fail to inflict full damage. But also produces a louder firing noise.


  • High damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Narrow pellet spread.
  • Fast pumping action time.
  • Can be perform reload-cancel.
  • Very narrow crosshair.


  • Very low magazine capacity.
  • Often needs to be reloaded, due to low capacity.
  • Damage reduced at long range.
  • Loud firing noise.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Korea


Real life

  • The KS-23 is the largest bore shotgun in the world, boasting a 4 gauge/23mm rifled barrel. Russian troops often utilize the KS-23 as a grenade launcher using gas grenades and less-lethal cartridges, though it can use lethal buckshot too.
  • In Crossfire the KS-23 is seen loaded with standard 12 gauge red shells, but the real life KS-23 uses much larger 4 Gauge shells made of brown paper and brass.



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