The KFC WS is a weapon series inspired from the popular fast food chain KFC. The primary weapons features a red and white color scheme, a chibi Harland Sanders on the charging handle and a Dual Mag configuration to make the reloading process faster. While the thrown weapon is shaped like a real French Fries.

Only CF China have the CFKing tagline and chibi Harland Sanders on these weapons, other versions simply removed them, leave only the red and white color scheme. The name of this weapon set also got changed with various names depend on version.

Weapon List


  • The KFC logo on the 3 weapons is reversed backwards, making it CFK. It was probably done to avoid copyright issues.
  • In CF Vietnam, on February 2019, this weapon set was obtainable permanently for free in the VIP System if you are the Top 1 player. Players in the VIP 6, 7 or 8 tier can only receive the AK47-Knife Dual Mag KFC and M4A1-S Dual Mag KFC.


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