Jungle Temple
Jungle Temple is a Melee Only map only available for Team DeathMatch / Elimination, which features a Grenade / Knife mechanic that provides grenade crates for soldiers to grab for their teammates.


  • China: Jungle Temple.
  • Korea: Jungle Temple.
  • Russia: Lost Temple.
  • West: Mayan Temple.
  • Indonesia: Mayan Temple.
  • Brazil: Village.
  • Philippines: Jungle Temple.
  • Vietnam: Ancient Temple.
  • Español: Templo Maya.


This map takes place within a courtyard somewhere in the jungle. It features an antique / ancient looking temple that was somehow abandoned. There are three huts, the large one in the center and two smaller ones on the sides, while both factions spawn in small temples.

There are five supply drops available in this map, and one will be chosen randomly to drop supply for both team to compete. When a soldier picks up a crate, all of his/her teammates, that are still alive, will acquire two Wide Grenade to use at their own will.

A nifty gimmick allows soldiers to keep their grenade in reverse so when they die, it will drop and explode, killing/injuring enemy soldiers around the blast radius (similar to the Demolition's skill).


  • This map is often played by the players who want to gain Grenade Kills which is required to level up their Assault Badge.
  • This map is simple re-designed from Monkey Garden in Sudden Attack but has new objects and ways.
  • If the supply box is not being pick up long enough, it will disappear before another one appear again.


CrossFire China - Jungle Temple Melee Grenades

CrossFire China - Jungle Temple Melee Grenades

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