Jin Mao Shu is a female character featured in CrossFire.


This character is inspired by the character with the same name in the Chinese movie Journey to the West. Both sides features the ancient Chinese outfit which fits the background of the said movie.

The character can do a series of arm dancing by pressing N.


  • CF China

Version Differences

  • CF China: Beside the exclusive emotion, this character can hold up to 3 skills and can be changed in the Character Upgrade System.


  • This character was chosen the most by CF China's players in a poll by Tencent in November 2019. The publishers surveyed players to choose the character for the 12th Anniversary Celebration. The main included options were Jin Mao Shu, Sun WuKong, Leo Wu Lei (Chinese actor), Luhan (former EXO/EXO-M member).
    • The survey also revealed Jin Mao Shu's former concept, which somehow looks like Arch in the BL side; however.




CF - Jin Mao Shu

CF - Jin Mao Shu

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