Jin Gu Bang is a melee weapon featured in CrossFire.


This melee weapon features a staff model with special designs on each staff's end and the staff's center. Also, it has a rough gold-like color on the staff's end and the repetitive decals on the staff's center, complemented with vibrant red color on the same part. This weapon is unique among another melee as it's held in both hands across the screen, rather than at one side.

The Jin Gu Bang performs adequately well with its fast swing (LMB) and doubled secondary attack (RMB) that consists of a heavy clobber followed by a spinning smash. It has quite a long-range secondary attack (Similar to Dragon Blade), but the delay between each secondary attack is quite long.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Europe
  • CF Russia


  • The name "Jin Gu Bang" is derived from the name of the magical staff wielded by the immortal monkey Sun Wukong, which is "Ruyi Jingu Bang" (also known as Ruyi Bang or Jingu Bang) that simply translates as "The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod in the 16th-century classical Chinese novel Journey from the West.
  • Jin Gu Bang is the third Chinese melee weapon featured in the game, after the Dragon Blade and Xuan Yuan Sword.
  • In CF Mobile, this weapon features a different skin and animation, and it's part of the WuKong WS (Similar to Sun WuKong WS in the PC version).
  • Although it's a staff, Jin Gu Bang shares the same slashing sound upon hitting the enemy with Shadow Knives, War Fan, and Dragon Blade.
  • In the first-person view, when press RMB, the character will perform a heavy clobber then spin the staff one round and finally smash it, but in the third-person view, the character will only smash after performing the first attack.
  • In CF Philippines, this is the third melee weapon introduced in the Mini Lotto. The first one was the Jungle Knife followed by the War Fan.



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