Jackhammer-Octane is a shotgun variant of Jackhammer.


This gun has been painted with Origin™ logo to promote EA's Origin™ co-operation with CrossFire Europe.

This variant is similar to the other Jackhammer, it deals high damage in close quarter combat, and it also has a good shell spreading and decent firing speed. However, unlike any other variants the ammo capacity remains original at 10 rounds mag (30 in reverse).

It was meant to be released along with M4A1-Custom Octane, BC-Axe Octane, and MK23-Octane, but was dropped for unknown reason.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Medium to high accuracy.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Fast rate of fire.


  • Damage loses on long range.
  • Slow reloading time.
  • Wide shell spreading.


  • CF Europe (cancelled)
  • CF West (hidden)


  • This gun, along with the rest of Octane WS, have been fully developed with proper model, stats, in-game capsules, and everything still exists in Crossfire Europe. Probably the deal with EA was dropped very late during development, thus the Octane WS was simply buried away.
    • It was still available in CF EU's Staff account, and can be used in-game without any issue.



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