Developed by John Anderson, this fully automatic bullpup shotgun has a very futuristic design and is very powerful.
- Weapon description

Jackhammer is an automatic shotgun in CrossFire.


The Jackhammer holds 10 shotgun shells in its drum magazines, with 20 (or 30) shells in reserve. It is only effective in short to medium range due to its wide pellet spread. The player can hold down the fire button to keep shooting.

It has a fast firing rate, slightly faster than the XM1014 and it has fairly good damage dealing, capable of 2-shot kill an armored opponent at medium distance. Reloading time is a bit slow however, and obviously it cannot fire between reload nor reload cancel.


  • High damage dealing.
  • Medium to high accuracy.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Fast rate of fire.


  • Damage loses on long range.
  • Slow reloading time.
  • Wide shell spreading.
  • Huge crosshair.


Available in all CrossFire versions.



  • Jackhammer-Octane is a cancelled weapon, but the files are still available in the CFEU's game file.


  • Pancor Jackhammer in real life was cancelled and never got out of the prototype stage.
    • Only a 3 prototypes exist, although 2 were destroyed in field testing so there is only one remains in the entire world.
  • In CrossFire North America this weapon was unavailable as of 2011, its Halloween variant was once available in Black Market ZP Crates there during the 2011 Halloween season. Later, it is released as a standard ZP item.
  • In CrossFire Vietnam, this gun is the last one to arrive (as of March 2015), after all of its re-skin variants have been added. The reason behind this is completely unknown, but it can be speculated that because this gun is featured in the Rank Reward System, it has to be eventually added, just like Mauser M1896.
  • Funny enough, the Jackhammer was mistakenly translated as "Búa Hơi" (Balloon Hammer) in the mobile version of CF Vietnam, likely because someone placed the word into Google Translate and just grabbed the result.
  • In CF Indonesia, the weapon is still on sale in Item Shop for 31.000 GP yet still rank restricted even after latest patch update.


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