Independent weapon set is a weapon set that is featured in CrossFire. This weapon set features flags of their country where these weapons are released.

North America

These variants were introduced first in CF West. The first variant is the Liberty which was first introduced in CF West for celebrating the 4th July (United States' Declaration of Independence) and has one weapon skin. The second variant is the Canadian which was also first introduced in CF West as part of a user skin submission contest and also has only one weapon skin. 


This variant was introduced first in CF Russia and then some of it's weapons were released to other versions with some versions choosing a different name compared to the origin name of the variants. So far, there are three weapon skins in this variant:


There are currently two variants for the Brazilian version was introduced first released in CF Brazil, and then updated into other versions later on. So far there are only two weapon skins from the Brazilian variant and three weapon skins from the Rio variant.


This variant was first introduced in CF Europe, and later, it was added into other versions. Germany is located in Europe and there is only one weapon skin in this variant.

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