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Hotel Map Icon.

Hotel is a recent Search & Destroy map sets in a luxurious hotel at Beverly Hills.


  • Hotel (Brazil).
  • Luxury Estate (China).
  • Hills Town (Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines).
  • The Hills (West).


Sharing some similar elements with Black Widow, it's still unique, unlike Ankara being a remake of Eagle Eye. The map is quite large, with long alleys to reach both sites. Some building can be accessed as they are part of the layout.

Global Risk spawns between A and B sites, similar to Satellite but within a building. Black List spawn in the lobby of the Hotel. From there they can choose three major paths to reach any sites. They can switch paths using some of the passages between each of them.

There's a huge bulletproof window near B-Site and it's a good way to see enemy forces coming as you can't get killed through it. Overall, this map is good for sniping and it's fast-paced, even for a Search & Destroy map.



Chinese CrossFire - Luxury Estate Hotel S&D

Chinese CrossFire - Luxury Estate Hotel S&D

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