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Horror Hide & Seek Mode is a tense game mode where mercenaries attempt to escape from enclosed areas while avoiding the creatures guarding those places. This mode is definitely based on the game Dead by Daylight, albeit with twice the amount of human and monster players.


  • CF China: Extreme Escape
  • CF West: Horror Hide & Seek
  • CF Russia: Horror
  • CF Philippines:  Horror Hide & Seek
  • CF Vietnam: Horror Hide & Seek


Up to 10 players in the game and each round will feature up to 8 Soldiers and 2 Chasers. Mercenaries' goal is to defuse a certain number of C4 and then hack the door lock to open the escape path and escape alive, while Chasers' goal is to hunt down Soldiers and kill all of them or prevent them from escaping until the timer runs out.

The Soldiers are controlled in 3rd person view and cannot use any weapons, they can only run or hide, however, they can open supply crates (by pressing "E") which are scattered throughout the map to find support tools to aid their escape. These include Multitool Defuser (makes defusing faster by 1.2 times), Grenade (stun the Chaser), Flashbang, and Smoke Grenade (creates white smokescreen), HypoMed (restore HP loss) and Infrared Helmet (see Chasers and C4s location for a certain time). In addition, Soldiers can hide inside Tents to be completely concealed from Chasers' view.

The Chasers are armed with a Chaser Hammer which attacks slowly. They can't jump, but have infinite HP and thus cannot be killed. They can see where the C4s are being defused, so they can ambush Soldiers there and when Soldiers do run, a traceable footprint can be seen - in addition, when approaching a tent, Chasers can perform an Execution attack that instant-kill Soldiers hiding in there by pressing "E".

If a Soldier is knocked down, they can crawl to safety and wait for revival by teammates, but Chasers can chain them in place to shorten their revival timer. A chained Soldier can break free once (E) and run away with 50 HP, but if they get knocked down again, they'll be killed permanently.

Aside from the C4s, there are additional electrical rods around the map that Soldiers can activate to help aid their escape - if a Chaser trips one of these rods, they'll be knocked down for a few seconds, giving Soldiers time to run away and plan another move.