Holy Shotgun is an Anti-Zombie Shotgun featured in CrossFire.


The Holy Shotgun takes after a compact sawed-off Sweeper model with full length barrel and a removable drum magazine that can load individual shotgun shells. It behaves similar to the Armsel Striker in term of firepower, accuracy and firing speed, but the magazine holds 16 rounds instead of 12, making it more effective in prolonged firefight.

When used in Zombie Mode, Holy Shotgun turns into an Anti-Zombie weapon and received some massive upgrades. It holds 30 rounds in the drum and doubled firing speed, and the character reload by replacing the entire magazine instead of one shell at a time, making it a lot more effective when dealing with the hordes. In addition, it can shoot HE shells by click RMB - holding RMB will charge the shot for a bigger explosion, with each fully charged shot taking one second.


  • CF China



  • This is the first weapon to feature different reload mechanic between PvP and PvE mode.
  • The Holy Shotgun comes equipped with visible iron sight, but it's unusable.
  • Uniquely, Holy Shotgun uses ASh-12.7's firing sound in PvP but uses Armsel Striker's firing sound in PvE.
  • This is the first upgradable anti-zombie weapon to have different ammo capacity between 3 levels in PvP modes, instead of having the same ammo capacity for other upgradable AZ weapons.
  • This is the first Anti-Zombie Gun that allows rapid usage of its charged shot.


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