Hermes is the very first character with two genders featured in CrossFire.


Hermes appears to be a double-agent from Global Risk who has infiltrated Black List via the Shadow Forces.

In GR form, Hermes looks similar to LA SWAT but wears a less heavy outfit and she carries a pair of Shadow Knives-like on her back. The BL form bears a close resemble to Shadow Warriors (Male), but with the addition of a sunglasses and the uniform is in a lighter color to blend in easier in daytime.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Español
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia


  • This character is named after the Olympian god Hermes, the god of transitions and boundaries.
  • Because Hermes has no specialized voice but shared with normal characters, the killsound / messenger is messed up when playing FFA or Mutation Mode and variants, since BL model will keep using GR's voices unless the player is placed in first slot of BL (top-left corner) in room lobby.
    • This issue have been fixed in many versions, starting with CF Vietnam; however, this problem still happen in Shadow Mode.
  • In CF West, this character is named after the Egyptian god Thoth, the god of Moon, Magic and Writing.
  • In CF Vietnam, this character is named after the Olympian goddess Iris, the goddess of rainbow and a messenger of the gods.
    • However, in the description, Iris is claimed to be an Egyptian goddess, the goddess of transition and land. Probably, the publisher mistakes Isis to Iris due to the minor difference.
  • When was first released in CF Vietnam, for whatever reasons, the description of this character was reused from Orchid. It was fixed in the next small patch.
  • Although in the third person view, the GR side has her sleeves rolled up which shows her bare arms, the first-person view has her arms fully covered and share the same arm texture of the BL one.
    • It has been fixed in CF Brazil, and likely other servers soon.