Headquarters is map featured for Escape Mode.


  • Headquarters (Most versions).
  • Command Ops (West).
  • Command Center (Indonesia).


Escape is easier than Temple Ruins, you just run through 2 alleys to the escape point. You don't have to destroy the door because it is very hard to destroy unless your team chooses to. The map takes place in a stone like area. The structure well-known for this map is the big, high stone building, which Global Risk are spawned in the back, to fend off against the Black List. In the very front of the building is a big gate, where Black List soldiers attempt to shoot to destroy and get into the building more easily. There are other ways of accessing the building; through side pathways. Black List start in an outlook on the lower level. On the top level of the outlook you can either snipe or shoot people across to the building, increasing your advantage of terrain over the Global Risk.

Global Risk Base

Global Risk start off at the back of the huge stone building in a small room. Separating the two rooms are three major doors that Black List players can come from, and in the
middle of the entire space is the Escape Zone. From the left entry door are two levels; a top level where Black List soldiers enter from their nearby base through a lower level, and a bottom level where Black List soldiers can enter from. The right side is identically the same, with a different terrain and only the use of stairs to access the portal. The middle door is more of the entry from the blocked door that Black List Soldiers have to destroy so they can enter the portal.

Black List Base

The Black List Base start off in a big colossal building right in front of the big, huge castle. In front of the big castle is a gate with a door barrier on it. Black List Soldiers have to destroy the door by shooting against it until it gets destroyed. Around the castle on the sides are other entrances to the castle, making it relatively easier for a Black List Soldier to enter the portal without breaking the gate and going in the front.


  • Camp till you see the way free.
  • Throw a grenade, flash, smoke into the portal so you can broke the enemy team's defense.
  • Get your strongest weapon and keep shooting on a specific door.
  • Use the Gatling Gun or any other MGs to destroy the door. Recommended the Gatling.
  • Hide behind boxes to avoid snipers.

Map Appearance

  • The Map got some Greece designs like the columns.
  • Looks like a military headquarters.


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