Havoc (also called as Xeno-Terminator in CF China) is a new Mutant character exclusive to the Hero Mode X expansion as well as in the Ghost Vs. Mutants. It is only available in Amusement Park, Resort, Vault, Flooded Area, Naval Base and Night Club (if the Parasite Expansion is turned off).


A city with ultra nuclear power plant had been captured by mutants, so humans detonated the plant in desperation, tries to use the power of nuclear explosion to clean all mutants in the city, after the explosion, most of mutant were dead and nearly extincted, however, Terminator was "given a new life" during this nuclear explosion.

Although the effect of nuclear explosion make Terminator almost changed beyond recognition, and eventually lost the power of thunder shocking. But it gained a entirely unique mutation by the nuclear radiation. It became more stronger in body and resistance to any of nuclear effects. And it were later called "Xeno-Terminator" by those people who witness it in shock. - CF China's description, can be seen there.


He's the equivalent of Xeno, except that it glows green and slashes with its terrifying claws to infect soldiers instead of throwing electricity. Most of the tips and strategies for Xeno can be applied to it as well.


  • The mutant also goes under the alias; Grand Terminator in certain version.
  • According to another additional CF China's description of Xeno when the Hero Mode X was released (the same site as the story in Xeno's page). It said this:
    • "The biggest nuclear power plant ever built was taken over by mutants, however, these mutants surprisingly break the protection facility of the reactor fuel. The radioaction coming out killed almost all mutants around, but with one "survived", and was unbelievably mutanted. Not only the huge change of the appearance, but also with the electricity shocking ability, and the skill of creating a energy shield by using the nuclear power."
    • The page in fact, described how a mutant turns into Xeno. However, it was confused with its later version Havoc, Because this is almost the same story as how Xeno turns into Havoc, with the only one clearly difference that mutants detonated the plant at the previous time instead of humans. If consider it true, and it would mean that "Mutants->Xeno->Havoc" will be a evolution line that require two nuclear explosion to achieved. But it's weird, thinking that Xeno and Havoc were all came from nuclear radioaction but with the quite different looks. Also weird due thinking that Xeno gained and lost the same ability by the same reason.



Chinese CrossFire - Rook's Massacre Extermination !

Chinese CrossFire - Rook's Massacre Extermination !

Rook/Grand Terminator gameplay video (by ItsDamageInc).

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