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Hakenkreuz is a Ghost Mode map sets within a Nazi castle in Germany.


  • Japan: Hakenkreuz.
  • Korea: Hakenkreuz.
  • West: Hakenkreuz.
  • Indonesia: Hakenkreuz.
  • Vietnam: Tracking UFO.
  • Brazil: Germany.
  • China: Wolfenstein.
  • Philippines: Red Skull.
  • Russia: Old Castle.


In a remote and desolate area of Germany, lies an old lab that seeks to restore the twisted old glory of WWII. Global Risk receives intelligence about an organization called Neo Martz and infiltrates the laboratory to stop its plans. Neo Martz is a secret society made up of the descendants of former WWII war criminals.

In hopes of regaining their old glory, the surviving war criminals decided to work together by exchanging their top secret partial weapon blueprints. With much trials and tribulations, Neo Martz succeeded in creating a state of the art weapon. In fear of global chaos with the revelation of this highly destructive weapon, UN hires Global Risk to stop Neo Martz of its plans to rule the world by destroying the new weapon and retrieve the weapon blueprint.

However, when Global Risk operatives enter the lab, they sense something eerie in the air and suddenly, blurry objects fall from the ceiling. It's a trap! Neo Martz found out about UN's deployment and hired Black List to destroy the research data that was left behind. And with a shriek from a deserted lab starts the fierce battle between Global Risk and Black List with unknown objects falling from the ceiling of the laboratory.


  • Hakenkreuz is the German name for Swastika, the logo of Nazi Germany.
  • Due to many controversy in some versions, especially in Europe, every Nazi logo in this map have been replaced with Xs and most of the map was edited to replace the symbols.


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