Developed by Heckler and Koch, HK21 is a German 7.62mm machine gun based on G3 rifle.
- Weapon description

HK21 is a kind of machine gun featured in CrossFire.


This machine gun is decent than any other weapons. It has medium-high damage dealing, high accuracy, and high rate of fire. But this weapon suffers high recoil which can result in bad accuracy when sprayed.

HK21 has a fairly short draw time but the reload is a bit slow (Faster than CETME Ameli but slower than KSP 58D.) Unusually, it comes with 80-round box magazine (80 in reserve), comparing to 100-round on most machine guns, and this gun also have optical zoom function.


  • Medium-high damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Fast firing speed.
  • Medium-heavy weight.
  • Able to do zoom.
  • Fast drawing time.


  • High recoil.
  • Loses accuracy when sprayed.
  • Long reloading time.
  • Easily runs dry.
  • Lower magazine capacity than the most machine guns.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Japan
  • CF Indonesia


  • This is the second weapon in CrossFire that feature screen zoom without a visible scope, the first being DAR-21.


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