Grenade-S is a variant of Grenade in CrossFire.


Grenade-S is a slightly smaller version of normal Grenade that it can deal more damage but small area effect than the original one. Although it can deal high damage, its power cannot catch up with Mace Grenade and Wide Grenade.


  • CF Korea (PMANG)


  • For unknown reason, this weapon didn't get updated elsewhere.
  • After this weapon has been updated to CF Korea, SmileGate recommended the Wide Grenade soon, which deals more damage with a nice effect area, so the Grenade-S is gone and no one care for it anymore.
  • Grenade-S looks smaller than it's original one in game, this also takes by Grenade-Valentine 2017. The "S" on its name could stand for "Small" for this reason.


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