is a Search & Destroy / Free For All map based of Festival's layout, but with similar design as Santoria's.


  • Greece (South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil and Russia).
  • New Greece (Indonesia, West, Español, Philippines, Japan).
  • Victory Square (China).


As aforementioned, it is based of Festival's layout, therefore the third time this layout is used. While the layout did remains untouched, it now features a similar design as Santoria's, although it is much more colorful overall.

The main differences lies on the overall theme of the map, as well as various textures & objects changes. The skybox is now set at dusk instead of night. The various wooden walls and tiles are replaced by a large residential area and concrete floor. The long bridge also received a major overhaul visually speaking.

All lanterns are removed, the lamp is replaced by a large column, although various decoration are still attached to it. Luck crates are replaced with ammunition crates, the train is replaced with a small convoy, etc. The most interesting part is this map is available for Free For All , although New Year isn't and certainly won't be as it won't make much sense.



Cross Fire China Victory Square(胜利广场) (Search & Destroy) Review !

Cross Fire China Victory Square(胜利广场) (Search & Destroy) Review !

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