Graffiti WS is a weapon set that features a graffiti type of design on the weapon body. It also has the word "Victory" painted on the main body of the weapon.

Weapon List


  • CheyTac M200-Graffiti is the oldest weapon in this weapon set. It is also the only weapon that does not feature shiny effect (or shader).
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon set (except the CheyTac M200-Graffiti) is obtainable in a Vcoin-spending event in September 2018 for players who have reached level 6 in the VIP System. Players will have to spend 1000 Vcoin to obtain Colt 1911-Graffiti, 2000 Vcoin for M4A1-S Graffiti and 3000 Vcoin for AK47-Graffiti.
    • After this event ended in about 1-2 months, CF Vietnam started another new event where it gave a huge amount of free Graffiti WS capsules for players who played for more than 30 minutes. Moreover, players who played for more than 1 or 2 hours will be able to keep even more than a hundred of free Graffiti WS capsules in their storage (while normally only 100 units of capsules of the same type that can be stored). This event led into some players, who participated in the previous Vcoin-spending event, to become outraged with the CF VN publisher's decision.
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