Goldish Alternate Skin is a weapon item for VVIP weapons featured in CrossFire.


It features the light "goldish" skin all over the weapon with gold color scheme running through the design. The item simply changes the default weapons' skins and still retains whatever perks the weapons features.


  • CF China: Shiny Gold
  • CF Vietnam: Goldish
  • CF Philippines: Goldish
  • CF Indonesia*: Goldish
  • CF West*: Gilded
  • CF Brazil*: Golden

*Note: Not available through Trade System

Weapon List

Each weapon has their own skin items although they share the similar design and these items can be detached according to players' choice in the VVIP Customization. So far, these are VVIP weapons that have this weapon skin:

AK47-Knife Transformers

Barrett M82A1-Born Beast

Desert Eagle-Born Beast

M4A1-S Born Beast

M4A1-S Transformers


  • The skin's ItemIcon is taken from AK47-Knife Transformers.
  • During the test, the skin is simply pure light goldish color all over the weapon. The gold running color scheme was added.
  • Because of CF West's removal of the Trade System, this item is sold on their webshop through a limited time event at a set price for a single skin if you already own the weapon; or in a discounted VVIP bundle which includes the skin and VVIP.



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