Golden Throne is a launch map for King Mode, located at an ancient temple's courtyard, which is turned into an arena. Soldiers will be fighting each others to attempt and get to sit in the King's golden throne!


  • Golden Throne (Most versions).
  • Palace (Vietnam)


The map consist of a large square area with minor cover areas on the walls surrounding the courtyard. The center is shaped like a circle and the floors around it will lower during mini-games session to reveal a pit. Red Barriers will also rise to make sure soldiers may not escape the arena.

The king that host the mini-games is located on a glass balcony near the throne on the temple. One of the red barrier is removed between the arena and the balcony so that the King will always have clear view of the arena.

The many buildings around the courtyard are likely to be used for mini-games. Three similar buildings south of the map are used for the various shooting challenges, except flying disks, which are thrown over from the west wall.

At the end of match, all of the soldiers will be standing at the center of the courtyard as they watch the now crowned King celebrating next to his luxurious throne made of gold!


Artwork Throne King Mode

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