Gloves-Neon is a melee weapon variant of Gloves in CrossFire.


The boxing gloves that can be used as a melee weapon now has been coated with Neon effect.


Similar to the original weapon, this weapon still consists of two kinds of attack. The primary two consecutive jabs with lower damage, and the secondary hard right hook which results an instant K.O. to the enemy.


  • Very high damage on hard hook.
  • Fast jabbing rate.
  • Lightweight.


  • Low damage on jabbing.
  • Slow hard hook rate.
  • Very short attack range.


  • CF China (hidden)
  • CF Vietnam



  • This melee was planned to be added along with other Neon weapons, but for some reason, it was scrapped and never found in any CF version. It also happen with CR-21-Neon. Only CF China has its data remains in game.
  • After years staying hidden, Gloves-Neon has been added to CF Vietnam, serving as junkie prize for AI Ticket 4.
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