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GR (Global Risk) is a mercenary team in Crossfire. The GRs are the 'good guys'/counter-terrorist faction in-game which are the opposing force to the Black List.


Global Risk is a giant private military corporation without national identity. It is composed of former members of special operations forces and its stated aim is to impose order in an increasingly chaotic world by any means necessary.

Sir Alex Roid and General Edward Wolfe, retired SAS members of the British Army, founded the company after becoming disillusioned with the inefficiency of their government’s actions to curb widespread terrorism. At this point, Global Risk was a relatively small operation with the two founders also participating in missions themselves. After General Wolfe was killed in a vicious battle off the west coast of South Africa, Sir Roid was determined to further expand Global Risk’s military superiority. Roid then partnered with Australian-born American businessman and weapons manufacturer, Michael Norman. Together these men quickly elevated Global Risk to an entity with major influence in international affairs. Global Risk relies on their military prowess and corporate expertise to further solidify their status as the keepers of global order. They have adhered to these principles, becoming the single most successful weapon in the war against terrorism and anarchy in modern society.


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