Gladiator is a Free For All / Melee Only map sets within a gladiator arena. It contains 16 gates with a spawn point each, that can be open from both sides to avoid spawn camping. The outer area consists of a small lake with bridges to access various side of the map; soldiers falling off into the water can use various fountains to bounce back into the arena.


  • Arena (China).
  • Ancient Arena (Vietnam).
  • Gladiator (Brazil, Korea & Indonesia).
  • Coliseum (West).
  • Duel (Russia).


  • In CF Vietnam, it's possible to play this map with Sniper / Pistol / All weapons setting by selecting "Random Map" option and hope for it to show up.
  • In CF West, this map could be played by selecting the "Random Map" option even when the map was not released yet.


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